A Photo Booth creates special moments, but a Photo Booth guest book makes these memories stay forever. Having one allows you to see your guest's funny and crazy antics. You will have a glimpse of just how epic your event has been.  Another plus is you have something physical that you can show and share with your friends and family and unlike digital images it will save you the trouble of some photos getting lost or accidentally erased. It makes sure all great ones are stored for safe keep and can be accessed anytime you want. 


Here at Clique Out, we provide you with a beautiful and guest book with a choice of luxury white or black that you will receive directly at the end of the event, together with the digital versions on a USB stick.


And what's a guest book without special handwritten messages from your family and friends sending you notes of good wishes. Our attendant will have it covered, ensuring everyone who visited the photo booth put their heartfelt messages and congratulatory notes. 




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