January 2020

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Why Hiring A Photobooth For Your Wedding Is A Good Idea!

A wedding is a milestone that brings pride and joy not only for the couple but also for loved ones. People attend the big day because they want to share the moment of love. Families and friends look forward to this occasion because it's great fun and amazing memories are created. The best way to capture these moments is to have a photo booth. It offers unrivaled entertainment. Not only can you customize the backdrop to your theme but your guests can come back as often as they like. Over the past few years, this has been a must-have for weddings for its practicality and fun factor. Here are three reasons why.

It Engages Your Guests

It is a given that your guests will need to have some form of entertainment and a photo booth is a brilliant option. You will be amazed by how people are drawn to it and usually in groups. Even a shy person becomes outgoing whenever taking photos with friends. The sight of props also helps with your guests’ creativity with their poses. The fun and laughter are a sight to behold that it encourages other guests to want to have their pictures taken too. Nothing elevates the event than having a great time with your family and friends. It is the perfect ice breaker and conversation starter.

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Photo Availability for Everyone

Everyone who wishes to have their photos taken can do so. Whether you have a big or small gathering, it is almost impossible for a photographer to snap, especially the after hours fun filled moments! Usually, their focus is on the couple and family members. By having a photo booth, there would be a section where your guests can have fun with friends and make sure that its captured. The best part of it is that they can take as many pictures as they want. Everyone can ask for their copy. You can even have the photos as keepsakes. Your guests will have the opportunity to create their magical moments. The only limit in their creativity is their imagination.


Guest Book

A great reason to avail of a photo booth is the guest book. When magical moments are created, your guests have the perfect moment to caption them and leave you a message! It is about the wonderful memories being created. You’ll be surprised and touched by the lovely thoughts by those dear to you. Your family and friends’ well wishes with photos are truly priceless. It is so much easier to write something in the guest book when there are photos you can base on. These fantastic photos are collected and presented in such a way you can be proud of and treasure. And can be customized to match the motif of your wedding. 


A photobooth assures that you have professional standard photographs for everyone. You can expect high-quality prints on your big day. Plus, they have the option to have them shared on social media. It offers the perfect reminder of just how happy you were with your family and friends.

A Great Entertainment Option

A Great Entertainment Option For Your Event

Whenever you are preparing for an event for your family and friends, you want to make it special. You want to make fantastic moments and take the fun factor to the next level. Whether you like to have timeless keepsakes or personalized hilarious guest books for your wedding, birthdays or company parties, having a photo booth is one great option. 


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If you want to elevate the entertainment for your event, adding a photo booth will make sure your guests are engaged. Not only will you have well lit and high definition photos taken, you could also match the pictures’ layout to your event’s style and theme. You will be surprised by how many smiles and laughter a photo booth makes. The mere sight of it can in itself generate excitement for all ages. The props and wigs can get everyone into a quirky and fun mood. 


Happiness is guaranteed which makes it a must-have for your event. It ticks all the boxes that you need for entertainment. It creates magical moments, provides high-quality photos and is personalized. You will be amazed by what a show stopper it is.


Fabulous Photo Booth Guest Books

A Photo Booth creates special moments, but a Photo Booth guest book makes these memories stay forever. Having one allows you to see your guest's funny and crazy antics. You will have a glimpse of just how epic your event has been.  Another plus is you have something physical that you can show and share with your friends and family and unlike digital images it will save you the trouble of some photos getting lost or accidentally erased. It makes sure all great ones are stored for safe keep and can be accessed anytime you want. 


Here at Clique Out, we provide you with a beautiful and guest book with a choice of luxury white or black that you will receive directly at the end of the event, together with the digital versions on a USB stick.


And what's a guest book without special handwritten messages from your family and friends sending you notes of good wishes. Our attendant will have it covered, ensuring everyone who visited the photo booth put their heartfelt messages and congratulatory notes. 




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