Hiring a photographer to capture moments at your event is a great idea and in most cases an essential element, however having a photobooth will enhance your event on another level and will make it far more memorable. Milestone events such as weddings, birthdays, and parties become more engaging when you have a photobooth. Here are four reasons why a photo booth is a must-have when you already have a photographer.

Fun and magical moments are created

Your talented photographer will go around and capture moments as your guests smile in front of the camera and also grab those impromptu and candid moments. These are all great, but when you also have a photo booth, you are allowing your guests to create their own magical moments, often in a fun and and sometimes even a silly way. They have the option to have the people they would want to see with them in the picture with them and they become part of the creative process as they use props and wigs that are readily available with the photo booth. Your photographer will not be able to snap all the key ‘fun’ moments but the photo booth will certainly solve this.



fun and magical moment

Physical prints

In the digital age and use of social media, we want our photos to be available right away so we can share them!  But how many photos do you have on your smartphone that rarely get seen? If you’re like me you’ll have 1000’s! So when your guests receive a physical printed version of their fun moment it’s a wonderful souvenir and keepsake of the event, something that they and their friends look back at.  With a photo booth, all pictures are printed within 10 seconds after the photos are taken and your guests can also have high-quality digital copies available online or sent to their emails. This way, they have the option to edit the photos and share as they wish.




physical print

Adds entertainment value

A photographer would typically focus on the main casts of the event and that would usually be the couple in a wedding and their family, or the person celebrating the birthday. By adding a photo booth, your guests will also feel special. It addresses the boredom element as they can have their pictures taken when they want to and have fun whilst doing it with all the fun props. It becomes more memorable for them. Some photo booth’s also have an interactive element….for example; a magic mirror booth will have interactive animations and voiceovers that engage the users, telling them how hot (or not so hot) they look; encouraging them to smile and strike a pose as they strut their stuff as they go for the most fun picture of the event!




adds entertainment value

Memories to treasure

Whilst you will look back upon your photographer’s pictures with fond memories; the one’s that really make you smile and laugh out loud are the pictures of all your friends and guests having the best time, often looking quite ridiculous with their hats, wigs and glasses.  These are the moments that you don’t get to see throughout the event and having a beautiful guestbook photo album of all these wonderful moments, together with written messages from your guests is invaluable and memories that you will treasure.



Memories to treasure


So in a nutshell; having a photographer at your event is a great option and in some cases a must (most definitely at weddings). Adding a photo booth just gives another dimension and adds the fun factor. It showcase’s the event from your guests' perspective and becomes far more memorable for everyone.