February 2020

Wedding favour

A Wedding Favour Your Guests Will Love To Grab

Gifting wedding favours is a great way to value your guests as tokens of appreciation for attending your big day. It has been widely considered that weddings are good luck and you share the good fortune with your guests through these gifts. Some people spend a lot of money on this which is great but should not always be the case. It shouldn’t be expensive. A budget shouldn’t be a problem because if you have a photo booth, you can have high-quality photo prints as your wedding favours. It's personalized and helps the event be more memorable. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. Your loved ones attend not to receive expensive gifts, rather they are there to share the memory and happiness with you.


Here at Clique Out, we offer high-resolution photographs that instantly prints the candid, fun and wild photos of your guests wearing the best props you can imagine.

Why hiring a photobooth is a better option

Why Hiring A Photo Booth Is A Better Option Than Doing It Yourself

Life is about creating lasting memories. It is about finding happiness in the events we participate in and having the opportunity to capture moments we can share with our friends and loved ones. Birthdays, weddings, christening, anniversaries and parties are occasions you want to be perfect for you and your guests.


Photo booth rentals pride in providing professional and hassle-free pictures to ensure these moments are snapped and Instagram ready. Here are the five reasons why renting a photo booth is better than doing it yourself.


Picture Quality


When it comes to photographs, quality is always the key. You want a picture that is well lit and in perfect focus. If you settle on a DIY photo route, you may see some of your photos blurred, the angle is off or not well lit. This typically happens in a romantic mood where the light in the venue is not very bright. Renting a photo booth solves this in making sure you get professional quality photos you can keep and treasure. The type of camera is as important as lightning is in and around the booth something DIY may not be able to achieve.


Trouble Shoot


Electronics, no matter how high tech do sometimes encounter problems and cause panic when they stop working or run into problems and you don’t know what to do. When renting a photo booth, this normally comes with a professional attendant who will make sure that these electronics run as they should. They know what to look for and fix things when it doesn’t work. There is always a backup when all else fails. This ensures moments are not missed, and your guests are happy.




Unless you are a photography enthusiast, chances are you only have a consumer camera and may not have all the professional tools needed to cover your event. By renting a photo booth, you can make sure that proper professional grade equipment is being used. You do not need to buy these tools for your own or purchase unnecessary items. Most of which would work out far more expensive than hiring. 


VIP Experience


Part of having pictures is encouraging your guests to use the photo booth. The staff are trained to help your guests have their photos taken, ensuring they have a fun filled time and get the most out of the equipment. The queue is managed accordingly and props are readily available. Guests receive a copy of their pictures immediately and can have unlimited shots taken. I mean, how cool is that? 


Saves You Time


Preparing the tools, setting up the equipment and planning a DIY photo booth, in general, can be very stressful if you are not familiar with how to do it. It can consume a lot of time and hassle just in the planning stage and eventually on the execution. It would be better to have the professionals do it for you to make sure that everything is ready when needed. This saves you time to focus on other important elements of your event.


Making events memorable is always the goal. This is the reason why we have a photo booth in the first place. Fun and smiles captured perfectly are what rentals are all about.