Awesome Entertainment Every Kids Party Should Have

Awesome Entertainment Every Kids Party Should Have

Children absolutely adore parties. But they can also be a tough crowd when it comes to attractions and performances. Kids let their imaginations run wild, and what adults find mesmerizing might not be the same for them. If you're having trouble figuring out what kids party entertainment you should hire, let us help you out. Here are awesome performances and attractions worth hiring for an unforgettable children's party:
Interactive Magic Mirror
The fun starts with a photo booth! A Magic Mirror is one that is unlike any other. Children are natural fun-seekers. That's why this engaging attraction will entice them to have the time of their lives while striking poses. With its colorful graphics and voice guiding feature, it uses advanced technology to make magic come to life.
Kids Party Magic Mirror Photo Booth East Anglia
Kids Party Entertainer East Anglia
Lively Entertainer & Disco DJ
Consider hiring a kids entertainer who doubles as a disco DJ. A children's entertainer & DJ is certainly the life of the party. Hosting, singing, comedic bits, magic acts, and other performances are just a few of the things that they can do. Kids will love the fun games and upbeat music they provide.  
Spellbinding Magician 
Wait until you see the smile on everyone's faces once a magician walks in. Magic acts are a staple in any great party, and there's no wonder why. Captivating routines will convince kids that magic is real. They won't get enough of the illusions, tricks, and stunts that will keep them hanging on to their seats!  
Kids Party Magician
Kids Party Face Painting
Artistic Face Paint 
A pop of vibrant color never hurt anyone. Kids are attracted to vivid and bright hues, so they'll be delighted to have their faces painted. Face painting keeps children amused with art they can wear. Now, this is the kind of art that kids love to appreciate!
Exciting Garden Games 
Outdoor parties are perfect for kids because they love to run around and play. Let them play to their heart's content with exciting garden games! Consider renting giant versions of beloved games like Connect 4, Jenga, or chess. They'll be amazed by the larger-than-life game pieces and enjoy hours of playtime.
Giant Connect 4
Book Kids Party Entertainment for a Fantastic Celebration
Planning a birthday celebration for your child? Include these options in your checklist of party must-haves. You don't have to search far and wide to find these amazing attractions. Check out entertainment and event services in the East Anglia region for your forthcoming celebration.  

Themed Party Secrets

Discover Practical Secrets to a Successful Themed Party

Fabulous themed parties don't just happen overnight. No successful party ever does. It takes a great deal of time and hard work organising a successful event, and even more so when it comes to themed parties. Event hosts and planners put extra effort into making sure that everything ties together. If you want to know the secrets to hosting a successful themed party, read on!
Choosing an Impressive Theme: Factors to Consider
Circus Party Theme
  • Does it match the respective event? - Themes can be versatile, but some are more fitting than others for certain kinds of events. For instance, a masquerade is ideal for a black-tie affair but it's not the best for a baby shower.

  • Is it appropriate for the crowd? - You have to consider the attendees. Are they professionals at a corporate party? Then they might enjoy loosening up to a relaxing Hawaiian inspired retreat. Are they children at a birthday celebration? Then they will love something inspired by a fairytale or comic book.

  • Is it original and engaging? - Take a spin on the usual ideas to give it a unique flair. It's a great way to add an air of excitement for your guests. One way is to combine two themes like, underwater and fantasy for one that draws inspiration from mythologies of the ocean.

Dazzle with Attractions 
Attractions are perfect for adding a little something extra to your soirée. And who doesn't want to have extra fun? Living statues, photo booths, and light shows add wonder and excitement. What's more, these are quite versatile and will go along well with a wide array of themes.
Magic Mirror Photo Booth
Event Entertainment
Hiring the Right Entertainment 
Entertainment should be carefully thought out to suit the atmosphere of the celebration. You can go all out with acts such as medieval musicians, Christmas ballerinas, hula dancers, and more. A fool-proof option is to hire a live band that plays various music genres for diverse crowds. The key is to make sure that it’s something everyone will appreciate and enjoy.
Go Big on Styling and Decorations
Your attendees are expecting a look and feel that is true to what inspired your theme. Your venue should showcase just that through styling and decorations. Make sure that nothing is ever out of place when choosing your decor. For instance, a red carpet is great for a Hollywood party the way art deco patterns complement an affair inspired by The Great Gatsby.
Party Decoration & Styling
Themed Party Food
Walk the Extra Mile with Food and Beverages
Bigger is better when it comes to celebrations so don't be afraid to go above and beyond. Take a cue from legendary hostess Martha Stewart and tailor your menu to match the occasion. From appetizers to cocktails opt for flavors and presentations that will impress your guests.
Find Reputable Companies and Suppliers for Your Event
Hire a photo booth, book a DJ, or rent attractions only from reputable local companies. The success of any event heavily relies on entertainment, attractions, decorations, and styling providers. With some research, you can find ones who value your event as much as you do.  

DIY Photo Booths

Are DIY Photo Booths Worth the Trouble?

DIY projects are an excellent way to add a personalized touch to a special occasion. But one must carefully consider when it is time to DIY or when it is best to hire. Putting up a DIY Photo Booth is an idea that is gaining popularity, and there are endless articles on how to do so. But is it worth the trouble? This article has the answer. Let's find out! 

DIY Crafts Table
When is it a good idea to DIY a photo booth? 
If you're hosting a very small gathering at home like birthdays or reunions held on a budget, there's no harm in going the DIY route. A simple low-cost selfie station will do in this case. Ideally, you’d want to place it in a well-lit area to keep the photos from turning out grainy or dim.

Here are the advantages that come with a DIY photo booth: 

  • It's ideal for those who have a knack for arts and crafts. 

  • It's a great project to do with kids. 

  • Everything is customizable because you're doing it yourself.

  • Have a smartphone, tablet, polaroid, or DSLR camera on a tripod? You might be good to go. 

When is it a bad idea to DIY a Photo Booth? 

Doing it yourself won't do for weddings, corporate events, anniversaries, or any massive event. It just can't provide the same experience that a professional service can. In which case, it's best to leave it to the pros.

Here are the setbacks that come with a DIY photo booth: 

  • It's time-consuming and takes a ton of effort. 

  • Photos won't turn out in pro-grade quality without professional equipment. 

  • Instant printouts aren't always available. 

  • It lacks the entertaining features of an actual booth. 

Camera & Tripod
Photo Booth Sign
So is it worth the trouble? 
Not if it's for a special occasion. Taking matters into your own hands will do during a typical gathering. However, big celebrations call for the entertainment value that a professional hire can provide.
When and Why You Should Hire Instead
When hosting special festivities, nothing compares to hiring from the pros. A Magic Mirror booth is a particularly ideal option if you want to treat your guests to a one-of-a-kind interactive experience. This next-generation digital booth is packed with lively and amusing features.

Discover Your Party Photo Booth Hire Options

If you decide that taking the DIY route isn't for you, look into photo booth hire in Norwich for your next event. Discover your options and see the excitement that a Magic Mirror has to offer. It’s all the fun without all the fuss.

Wedding favour

A Wedding Favour Your Guests Will Love To Grab

Gifting wedding favours is a great way to value your guests as tokens of appreciation for attending your big day. It has been widely considered that weddings are good luck and you share the good fortune with your guests through these gifts. Some people spend a lot of money on this which is great but should not always be the case. It shouldn’t be expensive. A budget shouldn’t be a problem because if you have a photo booth, you can have high-quality photo prints as your wedding favours. It's personalized and helps the event be more memorable. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. Your loved ones attend not to receive expensive gifts, rather they are there to share the memory and happiness with you.


Here at Clique Out, we offer high-resolution photographs that instantly prints the candid, fun and wild photos of your guests wearing the best props you can imagine.

Why hiring a photobooth is a better option

Why Hiring A Photo Booth Is A Better Option Than Doing It Yourself

Life is about creating lasting memories. It is about finding happiness in the events we participate in and having the opportunity to capture moments we can share with our friends and loved ones. Birthdays, weddings, christening, anniversaries and parties are occasions you want to be perfect for you and your guests.


Photo booth rentals pride in providing professional and hassle-free pictures to ensure these moments are snapped and Instagram ready. Here are the five reasons why renting a photo booth is better than doing it yourself.


Picture Quality


When it comes to photographs, quality is always the key. You want a picture that is well lit and in perfect focus. If you settle on a DIY photo route, you may see some of your photos blurred, the angle is off or not well lit. This typically happens in a romantic mood where the light in the venue is not very bright. Renting a photo booth solves this in making sure you get professional quality photos you can keep and treasure. The type of camera is as important as lightning is in and around the booth something DIY may not be able to achieve.


Trouble Shoot


Electronics, no matter how high tech do sometimes encounter problems and cause panic when they stop working or run into problems and you don’t know what to do. When renting a photo booth, this normally comes with a professional attendant who will make sure that these electronics run as they should. They know what to look for and fix things when it doesn’t work. There is always a backup when all else fails. This ensures moments are not missed, and your guests are happy.




Unless you are a photography enthusiast, chances are you only have a consumer camera and may not have all the professional tools needed to cover your event. By renting a photo booth, you can make sure that proper professional grade equipment is being used. You do not need to buy these tools for your own or purchase unnecessary items. Most of which would work out far more expensive than hiring. 


VIP Experience


Part of having pictures is encouraging your guests to use the photo booth. The staff are trained to help your guests have their photos taken, ensuring they have a fun filled time and get the most out of the equipment. The queue is managed accordingly and props are readily available. Guests receive a copy of their pictures immediately and can have unlimited shots taken. I mean, how cool is that? 


Saves You Time


Preparing the tools, setting up the equipment and planning a DIY photo booth, in general, can be very stressful if you are not familiar with how to do it. It can consume a lot of time and hassle just in the planning stage and eventually on the execution. It would be better to have the professionals do it for you to make sure that everything is ready when needed. This saves you time to focus on other important elements of your event.


Making events memorable is always the goal. This is the reason why we have a photo booth in the first place. Fun and smiles captured perfectly are what rentals are all about.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth (5)

Why Hiring A Photobooth For Your Wedding Is A Good Idea!

A wedding is a milestone that brings pride and joy not only for the couple but also for loved ones. People attend the big day because they want to share the moment of love. Families and friends look forward to this occasion because it's great fun and amazing memories are created. The best way to capture these moments is to have a photo booth. It offers unrivaled entertainment. Not only can you customize the backdrop to your theme but your guests can come back as often as they like. Over the past few years, this has been a must-have for weddings for its practicality and fun factor. Here are three reasons why.

It Engages Your Guests

It is a given that your guests will need to have some form of entertainment and a photo booth is a brilliant option. You will be amazed by how people are drawn to it and usually in groups. Even a shy person becomes outgoing whenever taking photos with friends. The sight of props also helps with your guests’ creativity with their poses. The fun and laughter are a sight to behold that it encourages other guests to want to have their pictures taken too. Nothing elevates the event than having a great time with your family and friends. It is the perfect ice breaker and conversation starter.

Simple Look of the Day Photo Collage (2)

Photo Availability for Everyone

Everyone who wishes to have their photos taken can do so. Whether you have a big or small gathering, it is almost impossible for a photographer to snap, especially the after hours fun filled moments! Usually, their focus is on the couple and family members. By having a photo booth, there would be a section where your guests can have fun with friends and make sure that its captured. The best part of it is that they can take as many pictures as they want. Everyone can ask for their copy. You can even have the photos as keepsakes. Your guests will have the opportunity to create their magical moments. The only limit in their creativity is their imagination.


Guest Book

A great reason to avail of a photo booth is the guest book. When magical moments are created, your guests have the perfect moment to caption them and leave you a message! It is about the wonderful memories being created. You’ll be surprised and touched by the lovely thoughts by those dear to you. Your family and friends’ well wishes with photos are truly priceless. It is so much easier to write something in the guest book when there are photos you can base on. These fantastic photos are collected and presented in such a way you can be proud of and treasure. And can be customized to match the motif of your wedding. 


A photobooth assures that you have professional standard photographs for everyone. You can expect high-quality prints on your big day. Plus, they have the option to have them shared on social media. It offers the perfect reminder of just how happy you were with your family and friends.

A Great Entertainment Option

A Great Entertainment Option For Your Event

Whenever you are preparing for an event for your family and friends, you want to make it special. You want to make fantastic moments and take the fun factor to the next level. Whether you like to have timeless keepsakes or personalized hilarious guest books for your wedding, birthdays or company parties, having a photo booth is one great option. 


Pink Baby Photo Collage

If you want to elevate the entertainment for your event, adding a photo booth will make sure your guests are engaged. Not only will you have well lit and high definition photos taken, you could also match the pictures’ layout to your event’s style and theme. You will be surprised by how many smiles and laughter a photo booth makes. The mere sight of it can in itself generate excitement for all ages. The props and wigs can get everyone into a quirky and fun mood. 


Happiness is guaranteed which makes it a must-have for your event. It ticks all the boxes that you need for entertainment. It creates magical moments, provides high-quality photos and is personalized. You will be amazed by what a show stopper it is.


Fabulous Photo Booth Guest Books

A Photo Booth creates special moments, but a Photo Booth guest book makes these memories stay forever. Having one allows you to see your guest's funny and crazy antics. You will have a glimpse of just how epic your event has been.  Another plus is you have something physical that you can show and share with your friends and family and unlike digital images it will save you the trouble of some photos getting lost or accidentally erased. It makes sure all great ones are stored for safe keep and can be accessed anytime you want. 


Here at Clique Out, we provide you with a beautiful and guest book with a choice of luxury white or black that you will receive directly at the end of the event, together with the digital versions on a USB stick.


And what's a guest book without special handwritten messages from your family and friends sending you notes of good wishes. Our attendant will have it covered, ensuring everyone who visited the photo booth put their heartfelt messages and congratulatory notes. 




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I’ve hired a Photographer; So why do I need a Photobooth?

Hiring a photographer to capture moments at your event is a great idea and in most cases an essential element, however having a photobooth will enhance your event on another level and will make it far more memorable. Milestone events such as weddings, birthdays, and parties become more engaging when you have a photobooth. Here are four reasons why a photo booth is a must-have when you already have a photographer.

Fun and magical moments are created

Your talented photographer will go around and capture moments as your guests smile in front of the camera and also grab those impromptu and candid moments. These are all great, but when you also have a photo booth, you are allowing your guests to create their own magical moments, often in a fun and and sometimes even a silly way. They have the option to have the people they would want to see with them in the picture with them and they become part of the creative process as they use props and wigs that are readily available with the photo booth. Your photographer will not be able to snap all the key ‘fun’ moments but the photo booth will certainly solve this.



fun and magical moment

Physical prints

In the digital age and use of social media, we want our photos to be available right away so we can share them!  But how many photos do you have on your smartphone that rarely get seen? If you’re like me you’ll have 1000’s! So when your guests receive a physical printed version of their fun moment it’s a wonderful souvenir and keepsake of the event, something that they and their friends look back at.  With a photo booth, all pictures are printed within 10 seconds after the photos are taken and your guests can also have high-quality digital copies available online or sent to their emails. This way, they have the option to edit the photos and share as they wish.




physical print

Adds entertainment value

A photographer would typically focus on the main casts of the event and that would usually be the couple in a wedding and their family, or the person celebrating the birthday. By adding a photo booth, your guests will also feel special. It addresses the boredom element as they can have their pictures taken when they want to and have fun whilst doing it with all the fun props. It becomes more memorable for them. Some photo booth’s also have an interactive element….for example; a magic mirror booth will have interactive animations and voiceovers that engage the users, telling them how hot (or not so hot) they look; encouraging them to smile and strike a pose as they strut their stuff as they go for the most fun picture of the event!




adds entertainment value

Memories to treasure

Whilst you will look back upon your photographer’s pictures with fond memories; the one’s that really make you smile and laugh out loud are the pictures of all your friends and guests having the best time, often looking quite ridiculous with their hats, wigs and glasses.  These are the moments that you don’t get to see throughout the event and having a beautiful guestbook photo album of all these wonderful moments, together with written messages from your guests is invaluable and memories that you will treasure.



Memories to treasure


So in a nutshell; having a photographer at your event is a great option and in some cases a must (most definitely at weddings). Adding a photo booth just gives another dimension and adds the fun factor. It showcase’s the event from your guests' perspective and becomes far more memorable for everyone.