Have you ever wondered why games are always a hit at parties? That's because we have the most fun at a party when we let loose and play around. Indeed, a line-up of exciting party games is a must for a roaring good time. And we've got a list of the best ones that will suit all ages. Get ready to have a roaring good time with these ten simple and fun party games!
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The Best Party Games for Your Guests to Enjoy

  1. Giant Jenga

Who knew wooden blocks could be a source of merriment? The classic Jenga game packs a lot more fun when it's lifesized. Ideal for outdoor parties, giant Jenga is a game of skill and a little bit of luck. 

  1. Giant Connect 4

Pair up and see who can best each other in a game of giant Connect 4. It's a larger-than-life version of everyone's favorite game. Prepare for a battle of wits as you block each other's discs in an attempt to get four-in-a-row.  

  1. Sticker Stalker 

Give everyone a pack of stickers. The objective is to place the stickers on all the guests without them noticing. If they notice, you'll have to take the sticker back and get one placed on you. Who wins? The first one to get rid of all their stickers!

  1. Likes & Dislikes

Each guest should have an index card and write down five things they like and dislike. Encourage them to make it as witty as they can. Gather all the cards and have everyone guess who wrote what. The one with the most number of correct guesses wins. 

  1. Malteser Game

Place two bowls in front of each participant -- one with Maltesers and one without. Then, give them each a straw. Explain that they have to use the straw to suck and pick up each Malteser on the empty bowl. The first one to transfer all their Maltesers wins. 

  1. Dancing Chain

Have all the players form a circle. Choose one player to do a one-move dance step. The player on their left will copy the move and add their own starting a chain. The chain follows until the last player. 

  1. Category!

Form a circle and think of one category. It could be anything from countries, animals, and the like. Each person has to name something under the said category in five seconds. If someone repeats an answer given by someone else or isn't able to answer in five seconds, they're out.  

  1. Mummy-fied

Pair up players and give each team a roll of toilet paper. One will be the "Mummy" while the other wraps them with the toilet paper. The first team to run out of toilet paper wins.

  1. Saran Wrap Ball

Guests will form a circle and unwrap treats and prizes from a large ball of plastic wrap. Start with one player while the person to their left tries to roll doubles with a pair of dice. Once doubles are rolled, the ball and dice are passed to the left.

  1. Freeze Dance


Have everyone dance to upbeat music and designate someone to pause and play the music. Every time the music stops, people have to freeze. If someone moves, they're out of the game.

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